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• Name: Arturo Cornejo
• Portfolio:
• Phone Number: 503.330.5326
• E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Address: Beaverton, OR 97007
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Arturo Cornejo

Bachelor Degree of Arts in Communications from San Ignacio University (
• Excellent skills in Multimedia Production/Design, 3D & Motion Graphics, Videography & Video Editing, Photography & Image Processing, Graphic & Web Design, and Social Media.
• Creative, innovative, resourceful.
• Able to work well under both time and accuracy pressures, and able to meet deadlines.
• Fast learner, able to adapt very quickly.
• Able to make decisions.
• Creative problem solver.
• Can identify with business goals.
• Detail oriented, attention to detail.
• Interpersonal skills, teamwork.
• Positive and professional image.
• High personal standards.
• Bilingual (English / Spanish).
• Great sense of humor :-)

Professional Experience

- Since 2007, I am working as a Multimedia Producer/Designer for companies/brands in different industries.
- One professional goal that I always like to pursue is to expand the scope of the projects in which I am getting involved.
- From all these fantastic experiences, I had the great opportunity to empower my current skills, learn new ones, and meet great people.
- The companies/brands that I have worked for are:

2017 - 2018

- Chevalier Advertising specializes in specialty markets – whether it’s hunting and shooting, camping, fishing, marine, or tactical / law enforcement. Chevalier can take on any specialty.

- I worked as a Multimedia Designer producing a broad variety of promotional videos for Web & social media, as well as TV commercials.

2017 - 2018

- PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

- I worked as a Multimedia Designer producing video presentations for internal communication and training purposes.


- Filter helps leading brands execute digital marketing and design through expert talent, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

- Through Filter, I worked as a Multimedia Producer/Designer for companies like:



- 24 Seven Talent is an Acquisition and Recruitment Agency that connects top talent with global & emerging brands in various industries.

- Through 24 Seven Talent, I worked as a Multimedia Producer/Designer for companies like:

Clients/Brands: Verizon, MTI Connect, Amor Active

Portfolio Productions
Clients/Brands: Hyperwave Technologies


- Creative Circle is a specialized staffing agency that connects innovative advertising, marketing, creative, digital, and interactive professionals with companies seeking talent on a full-time or freelance basis.

- Through Creative Circle, I worked as a Multimedia Producer/Designer for companies like:

Clients/Brands: Western Star Trucks

Twenty-Four 7
Clients/Brands: AT&T, Social Bicycles

RR Donnelley
Clients/Brands: Intel, Kroger


- Bigleaf Networks serves its customers with innovative internet and network connectivity solutions.

- I created a promotional video to showcase the benefits that their Cloud-first SD-WAN service has to offer and how it compares to their competitors.
- The description of all the tasks that I performed during the entire process can be seen at
- To watch the result, please visit:


- Netrush is a leading retailer and agency that partners with brands to grow and manage their products on the Amazon Marketplace.

- I was reached by this company to create a promotional video to support the launch of a brand-new product: LectroFan micro, a premium portable sound machine for sleep, relaxation, studying and conversation privacy.
- The first contact was made at the company's main office in Vancouver, Washington; where I had the opportunity to meet their team, and also to lead a kickoff meeting to discuss all the details concerning the video piece that I had to produce.
- The goal was to convey effectively in less than 40 seconds all the features and benefits that this little portable device offers to its final users.
- Assets provided: Script, product spec sheet, and stock photos.
- Work performed:

• VO talent casting, music search, audio editing.
• 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering.
• Motion graphics design.
• Final assembly and encoding.

- To watch the result, please visit:


- With exceptional dental care and experienced staff, Aadland Dental partners with their patients to provide the healthiest, most beautiful smiles modern dentistry can offer.

- I produced a series of corporate/commercial videos for marketing purposes.
- To watch the result, please visit:


- Willamette Dental is the Northwest’s leader in proactive dental care.

- I worked as a Multimedia Designer creating a series of motion graphic pieces to be displayed at trade shows as well as internally.

2007 - 2018


- I worked as a Multimedia Producer/Designer for clients/brands like C3MS, Papa Murphy’s, Quiznos, Bojangles, Bhoga and Oregon State University, BlueVolt, Phillips, Werner, Testo and Tyco Electronics, Studio Cassis, HP, Jeld-Wen, PTI Global, Microsoft, Nvidia and Rain Bird.

2007 - 2016


Patterson Companies, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company providing a complete range of supplies, equipment, software, digital technology and services for the physical therapy, dental and veterinary markets throughout the United States and Canada.
It subdivides in 3 core companies:

• Patterson Medical -
• Patterson Dental -
• Patterson Veterinary -


2007 - Bilingual Video Editor/Producer

- I was hired primarily as a Bilingual Video Editor/Producer to create content for two of their leading products on the dental side of the business: Caesy Educational Systems and Smile Channel.
- Both products included a series of video presentations and printables to educate patients about dental procedures, and to help dental practices promote their services.
- Both products were delivered to the final customer in DVD format, and a new release/version for both was due at the end of every fiscal year.
- As part of a small video production team, I had to be involved in all the aspects of this process, which included:

• Pre-production: research and brainstorming, conceptualizing, budgeting/funding, storyboarding, planning/scheduling, talent casting, location scouting, set preparation, and obtaining any clearances or permits required.
• Production: video shooting, camera operation, lighting, VO, and audio recording.
• Post-production: video editing, color correction, graphics/titles/animations/VFX assembly, rendering, DVD authoring/close captioning, proper encoding for final delivery, data management/backup, and internal/external product reviews.

- All the content was also translated into Spanish. I was the only bilingual professional in charge of this task inside my team.
- When I started working at this position, I immediately identified an enormous potential problem for the company: All the content that had been previously translated into Spanish was not reflecting what was being said initially in English.
- Fixing this issue became one of my top priorities, considering that the content that was already in our customer’s hands was mainly medical related, and we could not afford to make any mistakes there.
- I had to standardize all the Spanish content to make it easily comprehensible to all the different Spanish speaking audience across the US.

2009 - Graphics & Motion Graphics Designer

- During the first two years working inside the Video Production department, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my skills in graphic design and the creation of visual pieces that had a tremendous impact on our customer's engagement/retention.
- Both Caesy and Smile Channel products had reflected a significant boost in their sales during the previous two years, and as a result of the management team recognizing my efforts inside the company, I was transferred to the Graphics & 3D department and earned a promotion to the role of Graphics & Motion Graphics designer.
- I still had to be involved in most of the Video Production process, but this time from a different perspective.
- I had to create unified designs that followed the branding/style guide of the organization and were easily transferable among the multiple platforms/needs inside the company. This position required the creation and design of graphics for video presentations, 2D & 3D animations, DVD user interfaces, web user interfaces, and printing (like brochures, packaging, and technical spec sheets).
- As a marketing tool, my high-quality design work helped Patterson to define its brand and to differentiate it from other competitors.
- Overall, I can describe the style of my design work as clean, modern, precise and elegant. This key aspect of the work I produced was also greatly appreciated in the company.
- About 50% of the total amount of video presentations that were part of Caesy and Smile Channel products, relied on graphics and animations only. As a result of this particular need, my motion graphics and compositing skills had a high demand inside this department. I was the only motion graphics designer working next to other 3D animators, and assisting them in any 3D compositing needs.

2011 - Multimedia Producer/Designer

- Patterson Companies, Inc. made some changes in the internal structure of the company, and from here both departments in our branch (Video Production and Graphics), merged to become one unified department.
- From this point, our team became part of a bigger department inside the company: The Creative Services Department (located physically in the State of Minnesota, at the central headquarters office).
- This change reduced significantly the number of employees working in the Vancouver Branch, which entitled me to a new role in the company, Multimedia Producer/Designer.
- As a Multimedia Producer/Designer I had to perform all the tasks that I had been doing during the previous four years in both departments, but now not only for the dental side of the business but also for the medical and veterinary core units.
- In 2011, DVDs are completely discarded as the primary format to deliver video content, and everything goes in the cloud, which makes information more readily accessible to our customers, and also creates a bigger demand/concern inside the company: Clients now required more content and more often.
- My production tasks increased significantly, but due to my experience and expertise gained during the previous year’s inside the company, that is a responsibility that I felt totally prepared for, and that I never failed.
- My work also supported all the communications needs/strategies inside the company, like the ones coming mainly from the marketing and the sales departments. Tasks included the creation of marketing collateral pieces like promotional/sales videos, ads/commercials, training and educational videos, visual aids used in sales presentations/tradeshows, graphics for web/social media, promotional pictures, product data sheets, among others.

2013 – Multimedia Art Director

- In 2013, I earned a new promotion to the role of Multimedia Art Director. This position gave me the opportunity to take formal ownership of projects from conception through completion.
- As a director, I had to lead multiple projects, making sure that for each one of them there was a proper planning, and that all the actions related to this plan were properly executed within my team, in a timely and professional manner. I never failed to meet a deadline.
- Every year, while I was working at Patterson, I had to go through an annual review process, which was primarily focused on my ability to execute and achieve goals within my department, which also had to be aligned to the company ones.
- Every year, I consistently received great reviews/feedback from management and co-workers about my performance at work. During the length of my career at Patterson, I was considered the most dependable employee within my team.

Technical Knowledge

Training and Higher Education

2015 & 2018

Training for Content Creators... Shoot to Post

Post|Production World (P|PW) is the world's leading training event for digital media professionals including editors, producers, directors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers and new media specialists.

Categories of training include:
• Production and Post-Production
• Motion Graphics & VFX
• Digital Distribution
Las Vegas - Nevada, US

2015 & 2018

Where Content Comes to Life

The world craves quality content. And for the pros who hunger to create and deliver it, the NAB Show® is the only source to satisfy your appetite. Overindulge in hands-on experiences with emerging technologies and the latest innovations, limitless networking and learning opportunities, and the inspiration to take your work to the next level.
Las Vegas - Nevada, US


Personal Strengths

SDI is a suite of psychometric tests and a practical methodology for empowering people to improve relationships and manage conflict more effectively.
Vancouver - Washington, US


The Filmmaking Seminar

Fundamentals, Custom Settings, Cameras & Lenses, Adding Motion To The Video, Lighting for DSLR Video, Capturing Audio, Organizing Data, Framing Your Story, Editing.
Portland - Oregon, US



Thought Patterns for High-Performance® 3.0; is a seminar opportunity for individuals or organizations as it teaches the core concepts of The Pacific Institute's curriculum in a slightly abbreviated format.
Vancouver - Washington, US



The world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, welcomed 15,872 artists, research scientists, gaming experts and developers, filmmakers, students, and academics from 74 countries around the globe to Vancouver.
Vancouver - Canada

1997 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Sciences and Technologies of Communications – 3D Animation & VFX – Multimedia Production – Web Design
Lima - Peru


(Speaking / Writing / Reading)

(Speaking / Writing / Reading)